April 13, 2014

John Mark Yoder:
It's time to be getting the information together for the 2014 directory. You should find a data sheet in your mailbox today. Please read them carefully and make any corrections or additions. If you don't have any changes please write "Correct" on the bottom of the sheet. Please put your sheet in our Mailbox at church or mail them to us no later than April 27, 2014.

Home Fellowship Groups this week.


March 30, 2014

Luke Zimmerman:
Rick Lawrence asked me to send his blessing and greetings to the fellowship here. He seems to be doing well. So I just wanted to pass that on.

Robert Davido:
I also went down to see brother Rick with Abner Lambright. Like brother Luke said he is doing very well. He does need some money. If he needs something he can buy it there. If you would like to give him money you can give it to me and then I will get him a cashier's check.

Abigail Morganstern is doing a cleanup at their house next weekend because they are wanting to sell it. If anyone would desire to help them out please call Abigail 443-485-7838.

Dale Charles:
Mini Classes are coming up on April 18. There is a sign up sheet on the back. You have today and 2 more Sundays to sign up.

Rueben Stoltzfus:
We are going to the Creation Museum in June and are still in need of a bus driver. If there is somebody here that would desire to do that please let me know. The dates are June 15-18.

Ben Kauffman:
I just wanted to give a final update on our work team that is going to the Philippines. We are leaving this Thursday evening and flying out of Newark at 1:50 AM. We will be returning on April 17. Keep us in your prayer the next 2 weeks. It looks like a long trip, 18 hours one way. I want to thank the wives who are releasing their husbands, sons, and daughters. We are excited about it and looking forward to it.

Welcome back to Weston & Charity Leibee and Family!

Home Fellowship groups this week.