Aaron & Gretal Ulrich

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October 2017

Hi. Thanks for your interest in what God is doing in Ghana among the Gonjas. 

The Lord has worked in our lives and given us so much, we feel compelled to give our lives back to Him in grateful service. Aaron is the son of missionaries Ross and Cynthia and grew up in Ghana, living among three different people groups. Gretal grew up in Sugarcreek, Ohio to parents, Paul and Miriam Miller from Ohio. Paul is a minister in a local Beachy church. While Gretal was a teenager, she served with her family in Paraguay for two years.

We both felt God leading us on a path of showing His love through service to others. We met at Mountain View Nursing Home in Virginia when we went there to do nursing school. Nine months after graduating, we got married and lived in Reading, PA for over a year. Both of us worked as nurses but began seeking the Lord to see if He wanted us to do something else.

The Gonja people number around 300,000 and are classified as unreached by the Joshua Project. Over half the tribe are Muslims and many practice traditional African religion as well. They are spread over a large area of the Northern region. Many have limited access to healthcare and literacy rates are very low.

The opportunity opened up for us to serve in Ghana, among the Gonjas, and we and our authorities had peace about it. So we moved to Ghana in August, 2015 and our son Noah was born later that year. For the first two years, we focussed on learning Gonja language and culture and transferring our nursing certification. During that time, God continued to increase our love for the Gonja people and a desire to see Him glorified among them.
We were privileged to witness the complete Gonja Bible dedication in February 2016. Recording the Gonja Bible into audio format is very crucial given the low literacy rates and this is an ongoing project currently underway. We also participated in the dedication of over 5,000 101 Bible Story books in March 2017. We pray that God will use these resources greatly in reaching the Gonja tribe.

We strongly believe Christ's command to go and make disciples. So we are transitioning from full-time learners to desciple makers. God led us to a village, called Sheri, where He is already working. We'll begin the process of moving there the beginning of 2018, Lord willing. This village is only about eight kilometers away from Tulewe, across a river.
We believe that the Lord wants us to also use our nursing knowledge to demonstrate Christ's love to the Gonjas and give us a place in their society.

We are very glad to be here and are grateful for people like you who support Christ's commission through prayer, giving and going. A big "Thank You" to our families, friends, and churches for your faithful support!


God will raise up more laborers to incarnate Christ among the Gonjas (Luke 10:2).
God will unveil the Gonjas’ hearts to let the knowledge of Christ shine in (2 Corinthians 3:18).
God will overcome the strong spiritual forces of evil prevailing over the Gonja kingdom (Ephesians 6:12).
God will use us to make disciples of Jesus Christ that will then form true Gonja fellowships and multiply (2 Timothy 2:2).
God will keep us humble and usable and get much glory from our lives (2 Thesolonians 3:1).

If you would like ideas of how you can better support the Gonja outreach or if you'd like to come serve with us, please contact us using the info below or contact the mission directly through this website.


C/O Charity African Missions
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Tamale, N/R GHANA.