John & Sara Nolt

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John and Sara Nolt, along with their children Tyler, 5, and Sophia, 3, came to Accra in September 2015 as a missionary support team. John’s official “title” is Field Secretary and Guest House Coordinator. This includes:

  • Handling all the mission paperwork and finances, including taxes, visas, quotas, resident permits, NGO registration, etc.
  • Hosting our missionary families when they come to “the big city” for medical needs, shopping, conferences, or other reasons.
  • Hosting short-term guests and teams on their way in and out of the country, including transportation to/from the airport and bus stations.
  • Shopping for items that our rural missionaries do not have access to.
  • Providing tech support and research/information in a variety of areas.

John and Sara lived in Ghana prior to their current commitment, both as single young people and also as a married team. Among other short-term trips, John spent six months in 2003 preaching in Dagomba villages under Daryl Nolt. In 2005-2006, Sara taught English/Phonics at the school in Katani while she lived with Weston and Charity Leibee as household help. After their marriage, they lived in the remote village of Bagli (2007-2009) as missionaries-in-training. Now, although they are not actively involved in ministry among the people of Accra, they desire to be a witness in all their interactions with those around them - neighbors, house help, government officials, and so on.

Although the Accra Station is not a ‘front lines’ mission post, it is a very necessary position for our mission to continue functioning in Ghana. John and Sara have committed to serving a 3-year term. Pray for God’s grace and wisdom in handling the many varied demands they face in this position!