Ross Ulrich Family

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We live in the city of Tamale (population approx. 360,000), the hub city of northern Ghana. The local people are Dagomba by tribe and about 98% Islamic in religion. However, many non-Dagomba people also work and live in Tamale. It is a melting pot of many tribes.

Brother Ross is field director, so he oversees the missionaries, in both northern and southern Ghana. He also mentors some of the Ghanaian church leaders, and teaches in the local church at Tamale. He needs much wisdom for these tasks, and safety as he travels about. He also needs wisdom and grace to balance the responsibilities of husband and father with that of field director.

Sister Cynthia gets to be mother and grandma to her extended missionary “family”, who sometimes come over for a meal when they’re in Tamale. Once in a while Cynthia accompanies Ross on his travels. She also teaches some of the local church sisters. She keeps home running smoothly while her husband is off on his frequent travels, and supports him with much prayer. As more and more of their children leave home, she keeps up regular communication with each one.

We are humbled to realize that people, whom we have never met, and many dear friends we know, are praying for us. Truly, ‘other men have labored (in prayer and in other ways), and we have entered into their labors.’ We feel those prayers at work at different moments, and thank God we are not alone in this work.”

- Ross & Cynthia, and Adriel