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Serving Every Nation Training School (SENT I) is a three month school of missions held annually in Ghana each fall. It was founded by the Board and missionaries of Charity African Mission in response to the need to motivate and train our young people to go out into all the world. The school consists of thirteen weeks of intense teaching, interactive discipleship, and hands-on practical ministry opportunities.

This is the first phase of our missionary training opportunity; see SENT II to learn about the second phase – a two-year internship program.


Approximately nine mission-related courses are offered at SENT I, all taught by either long-term missionaries, or mission Board members. Teaching style is in-depth (requiring note taking and with tests administered) while remaining inspirational and motivational. Textbooks and supplementary reading books, articles, and handouts are included in tuitions costs. Courses include:

  • Language Acquisition – crash course on motivations for and methods of language learning
  • Cross-Cultural Ministry – introductory course on culture and its ramifications in ministry
  • History of Missions – overview and evaluation of various missionaries from Paul to present
  • Church Planting Strategies – emphasis on indigenous churches, examples from tribal settings
  • Encountering Islam – history, practice, misunderstandings, and strategies to reach Muslims
  • The Role of Missions in the Local Church – taught by a pastor from the States
  • Missions Geography – major world religions, unreached peoples, current hot spots
  • The Glorious Story – overview of entire Bible from a missiological perspective
  • Kingdom Finances – connecting a poured-out life with sacrificial financial principles


Every aspect of the living conditions and daily schedule at SENT has been strategically designed to afford the student with realistic missionary life experiences and opportunities for self-denial. Diet is nutritious, but very simple and non-Western. Living conditions are sparse by Western standards, but adequate and typical of our long-term missionaries’ own. Communication with home is limited both by practicality and to maintain focus. Group size is small, typically twenty students, so there is ample opportunity for interaction with missionaries both one-on-one and in group format. Every student participates in discussions, sharing, question and answer periods, and prayer times. A caring staff of Principal, Vice-Principal, and Matron along with the teachers actively pursue meaningful relationships with the students with a desire to mentor and direct them personally in Christ.


Opportunities for ministry abound in the third-world setting of Ghana with its more than 70 ethnic groups! The school is based in Tamale, a city of 325,000 that is approximately 90 % Muslim, and is centrally located to large areas which are less than 1% Christian. All students will have an opportunity to spend several days with one of our missionary families, working alongside of them and observing them in ministry. Students are coached through ministering to Muslims in an excellent environment for beginners. And the entire student body travels and does programs in Ghana’s higher education institutes (High Schools and Colleges) including singing, testimonies, and preaching. The young men get to be involved in a cultural survey on their own in remote villages, and the young ladies spend a week under the tutorage of a missionary wife learning skills relating to life on the field.


If you would like to enroll in the SENT I program, please request an application from the mission office. Contact us to request an application. You must apply if you wish to enroll!

You must be a born-again Christian, have a heart for missions, and at least 19 years old.


"I've been extremely blessed to be a part of Sent I 2011. God has opened my eyes in a new way to the needs of the World and His purpose for us as His Church and individuals to spread the Gospel. I was stretched in many ways...and yet experienced God's power and faithfulness always available to me! I was challenged to simply be available to God. I don't have what it takes. I don't have enough to meet the needs of the World, but God wants to use what I have. And as I in faith and obedience pour out what I have, God works the miracle and multiplies it and uses for His glory. My desire and prayer is to be poured out for God wherever, however, and to whomever He wants to use me. "I am not my own." May I not be found guilty of robbing God of what is rightfully His. Glory be to His name!" (Jen Steiner)

"I just wanted to thank you, and all the rest of the coordinators for all the behind the scenes work that went into the organizing SENT 1 this year. Thank you seems so small. It has changed my out look on life. I went to SENT thinking I would learn a lot about missions. I did, how ever, more important then that God showed me who I am, and how selfish I am. I had a unrealistic picture of missions in my mind. I was blessed by being able to watch the missionaries lives. I want to take the the example of sacrificial living I was able to watch and incorporate it into my daily walk. Thanks again for all that you have done to make this experience possible for me! May God bless you as you continue to seek his guidance, for SENT 1 in years to come." (H.F.)

"God used Sent to work many things in my life. I would say each of the subjects we studied affected me in one way or another. My view of the world has been expanded. I see the need to be aware of the needs of the world. If I know nothing about the world & its peoples it is not as likely for God to call me to minister among them. God has been teaching me the need to pour my life out in service to him right where I am at. Not just because I have to but out of a heart of love. It was a blessing to observe the different missionary families to see how they pour their lives out in training us & ministering to the people there. One night we went to a village for a service, I was inspired to see these Konkomba Church leaders ministering. The gospel has not been in this area long & now they are sharing it with others. Truly this is part of fulfilling the great commission, disciples making more disciples.

"After receiving so much teaching I have a great responsibility. My Prayer is that as I continue down life's path I will take what I've learned and put it in practice in my life and that God would continue to lead and guide my footsteps. I want say a big thank you to everyone that had a part in making SENT I 2011 possible." (Jeremy Landes)

"Where or how do I begin expressing my heart? I have been home for nearly a month and still the lessons and experiences of SENT 1 daily surface within my mind and heart. Should I start from the beginning and include the strangeness of not knowing my nineteen peers; hot, humid weather; or foreign food? No, while these have left their impressions it was the classes, messages, and living example of the missionaries which made the biggest impact in my life.

"What exactly has SENT 1 done for me? Well, it took the rose-colored, adventure filled missionary dreams I once had and simply put...dashed them. In place of those childhood, fanciful dreams I was given a vision and desire for real mission work. The kind which not only involves the occasional adventure but the required day-to-day sacrificial living I saw my teachers live out. If they were in a village, I observed the tedious process of traveling hours of rough rural roads or upriver on a crowded uncomfortable boat. I watched precious time given for basic things like greetings, biking for water, or teaching English to unruly students. If the missionary lived in town I saw how every moment of the day was given to service for others whether that be taking the time to teach 20 young people or being painfully ill due to malaria or exhaustion. However, through the lives of my teachers I learned that God truthfully promises that “those who sow in tears shall reap in joy.” And this truth is what inspires me to go on toward missions.

"The classes and messages were times of stretching and learning. Phrases like “Simple living, sacrificial living, sanctified living,” “We do not well,” or “From the rising of the sun . . . the name of the LORD is to be praised” have become mottos as I begin to apply what Christ has taught me. No longer will I dabble with tempting thoughts such as, “Maybe God will show mercy to those who have never heard” or “God can’t use me I’m ______” (nobody, uneducated, not talented and so on). Through my classes I learned that every Christian is called to be a missionary (joyfully beginning at home and going further if the Lord wills); I also learned that God does not call the equipped but equips the called and will use a willing vessel. He is so worthy of receiving glory and we have the wonderful privilege/duty of proclaiming His name!

"While my time in Ghana included some challenges the shining moments of “this lesson, this truth I never knew has made my three months more than worthwhile” are beyond counting. I am so thankful for the opportunity given me to attend SENT 1 and I will, by God’s grace, continue on in all that I learned. Thank you to all who put their time and effort in making it possible!" (Frannie Halbert)

"I went trusting Jesus with my all but was stretched in my commitment to God, yet not past. Life is not about me, but what I can give; what glorifies Christ? Am I bringing people closer to Salvation or not? There’s no middle ground. I was brought past my self-confident pride. Seeing lost souls has my heart burning with a passion for the World. I saw the Scriptures in a new light without my preconceived thoughts.

"The missionaries’ desire was for us to see the heart of God for the world. If we live what we learned, it was worth it. I faced choices often; shrink back from activities like street witnessing, or step-out? During school ministry I had to let my way go also. Repeatedly, the Lord fulfilled His word “I will put my words in your mouth“.

"We repeatedly experienced what Psalms says “O taste and see that the Lord is good“. It was seen very clearly during school ministry to thousands of students looking for the meaning of life. Liz was blessed to led a student to Christ. As we sang and preached, God’s Spirit was working among students and teachers, as well as the team.

"I asked God to make His will for my life clear. He answered with the call to foreign mission service. My heart had been set on fire for the glory of Jesus and His kingdom. My passion for the lost, a smoldering ember when I left, is now a blazing fire." (Benjamin K. Smith)