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The SENT II vision was born out of a burden to train young people who have a desire to give their lives for the cause of the Gospel of Jesus Christ in foreign missions. Our vision for training continues to grow as we see the need arising. The youth in our home churches need a vision of new heights to gain. The fields are white unto harvest. The opportunities in the Ghana GES program are wide open for many youth to go and teach English in the village schools. We believe our youth will rise to the challenge of missions if someone will train and send them. This is an opportunity for sister/daughter churches to send their youth to be trained by able missionaries. We also see a great need for the churches to prepare to send people and learn how to set up an effective mission program in the local church.

For many years we have sent six week teams to Ghana as a means of preparation for mission life. But with the grueling challenges of living in the villages of Northern Ghana, we realize that a six week trip does not do justice to the stringent discipline required to “make it” in a foreign field. So in 2004 we implemented what was then called, the GES program (now SENT II). We made an offer to the Ghana Education Service (GES) to provide youth to teach English in the village schools in the Northern Regions if they would grant the visas. This program has opened the way to send youth to serve for two years as English teachers in village schools. These youth were placed in villages with the missionaries, or in a neighboring village. In this way the missionaries were able to help them adjust to the culture and food and give practical training for future missions. These youth had many opportunities to assist the missionaries in church planting work such as preaching and teaching in numerous villages.

In 2007 we took the next step and started the SENT I School (Serving Every Nation Training). The SENT I School opened the way to train twenty youth for three months in Northern Ghana. The missionaries on the field did this training. It included many hours of teaching, disciplined schedules, eating local foods, and village experiences. This school was specifically designed to test and try the character of the youth and to impart visions in their hearts for the Kingdom of God.

In 2009 our vision grew to include married couples in the two year GES program. The name was changed from GES to SENT II. Currently, students are being trained in more actual missionary living, with oversight by a veteran missionary. The program is directed by Daniel Kenaston and family. They live in a large compound in Tamale and have times when the students all come from their villages and spend several weeks, several times a year, plus occasional weekends at this compound for training and teaching as a group. Furthermore, Daniel is helping them get started in the villages and schools and gives continual oversight as needed.