Weston Leibee Family

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In 2003, just eight months after our wedding, Charity and I moved to Ghana to live with the Konkomba people. We learned their language, their customs, and came to love them. We spent ten years living with them in their villages, sharing Christ through the stories of the Bible. Many have been delivered from the bondage of fear and oppression from the spirit world of animism, and are walking with Jesus. Churches have been planted and leadership raised up. The leaders now read the Bible in their own language. Through many setbacks, sickness, and disappointments, the testimony of changed lives and the promise of a vibrant Konkomba church has spurred us on.

In 2014 we were very excited to facilitate the translation of the Jesus Film into the Likoonl dialect of our adopted people. The film and the Likoonl New Testament, translated by good friends from LBT, were dedicated Nov 1, 2014 – one of the most dramatic and fulfilling days of our life.

As we sensed our time in Ghana drawing to a close, we had a desire to do what we could to empower the Konokmbas economically to take care of their families, churches, and outreaches. We played a role in bringing SALT to Northern Ghana, a sustainable development plan involving Scriptural financial teaching and saving, as well as better agricultural practices.

We have two sons, Hudson (2007) and Steven (2009). They love Ghana and consider it their home.

In May of 2015, after twelve years on the field, we moved back to Lancaster, PA, in the United States. It was very hard to say goodbye to our wonderful friends and our adopted country, but our mission there was completed for now. Indigenous churches are established, leaders are in place, and the Holy Spirit is leading them.

I (Weston) still travel back to Ghana regularly to mentor the church leaders there and relate with the people. Our role has changed from church planters to church planting consultants, and we continue to be very active in Missions. We are in a stage of transition, and look forward to what God has for us next!

-Weston & Charity Leibee