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Set 167: Building the Christian Homeschool Misc. Speakers 10-24-2008
Developing Character Through Homeschooling Rick Leibee 10-11-2008
Academics—Does It Matter?/A Vision for Homeschooling Matthew Milioni, Myron Weaver 10-11-2008
Creating a Love to Learn David Cooper 10-11-2008
Preparing Our Children to Face the Future Denny Kenaston 10-10-2008
Testimonies From Students/Testimonies From Fathers Misc. Speakers 10-10-2008
Questions & Answers/An Answer to All of Your Questions Helen Leibee, Misc. Speakers 10-10-2008
Creating Interest in Your Day/Babies in the Classroom Misc. Speakers 10-10-2008
Working With the State/Teaching Beyond the Books Cindy Rubio, Louella Leinbach 10-10-2008
Meeting the Master/Scheduling/Teaching Methods Misc. Speakers 10-10-2008
Homeschooling With Little Ones Helen Leibee 10-12-1997
Set 71: Homeschool Maintenance Myron Weaver, Rick Leibee 10-29-1996
The Spirit Of Passivity Rick Leibee 10-26-1996
Mary & Martha Priorities / Order & Scheduling Myron Weaver 10-26-1996
Setting Standards In The Home Rick Leibee 10-25-1996
Combating Frustration & Anxiety Rick Leibee 10-25-1996
A Rich And Beautiful Inheritance Mose Stoltzfus 10-30-1993
Responsibilities of Mothers Gwen Witmer, Rachel Weaver 10-30-1993
Responsibilities of Fathers Denny Kenaston 10-30-1993
Building Relationships David Witmer 10-30-1993
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