Set 166: Christ in Early Anabaptism

by Denny Kenaston

Reviving the Righteous Root of Anabaptism
Denny Kenaston
The Approaching Wave of Persecution
Denny Kenaston
Christ in Early Anabaptism
Denny Kenaston
Theology Versus Anabaptist Reality
Denny Kenaston
Gelassenheit—Complete Surrender
Denny Kenaston
Foundation Stones in the Anabaptist Faith
Denny Kenaston

On a cold winter night in 1525, the Spirit of God descended upon a group of twelve brethren in Switzerland and sparked what has since been called the Anabaptist Movement. Looking back at the lives of the men and women in the early days of this revival, we see a passion, a power, a depth of Christian experience that far surpasses that of American Christianity today. What drove them? What set them apart? What was the source of their power—a power that through martyrdom defied even death itself? In this series, Brother Denny attempts to answer these questions and others, always coming back to our Lord Jesus, who was their very life.

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