Sermon Sets

Title Speaker Category Date
Set 188: The Pathway to Blessing In the Relationships of Life Paul Lloyd Youth 12-05-2011
Set 186: A Study of the Book of Revelation Jerry Mawhorr Prophecy 10-03-2011
Set 183: Facing Reality Through Biblical Understanding Cornelius Janzen Christian Life 11-03-2010
Set 184: Understanding the Covenants David Cooper Law & Grace 11-03-2010
Set 185: Take Up Thy Cross Rick Hess The Cross 11-03-2010
Set 180: Leadership in the Kingdom David Robertson Ministry 03-03-2010
Set 181: The Making of Disciples Dale Gish Discipleship 03-03-2010
Set 182: Hope on Display—1 Thessalonians John D. Martin Studies 03-03-2010
Set 179: Prepare Ye the Way of the Lord Various Speakers Home & Family 11-24-2009
Set 176: Studies in the Doctrine of Faith David Janzen Faith 10-28-2009
Set 177: What Would Jesus Do? Dean Taylor Christian Life 10-28-2009
Set 178: Seeking God’s Kingdom John D. Martin Christian Life 10-28-2009
Set 175: Evangelistic Messages Stanley Fox Salvation 07-04-2009
Set 174: Christ in the Faith of Our Fathers Melvin Kauffman Doctrinal 07-01-2009
Set 173: The Cry of the Nations Misc. Speakers Mission Work 02-16-2009
Set 171: Christ—The Way God Makes Man Righteous Denny Kenaston Salvation 02-06-2009
Set 172: The Discipline of Expository Preaching Jerry Mawhorr Ministry 02-06-2009
Set 168: The Life of Moses Mose Stoltzfus Studies 11-03-2008
Set 169: The Faith of YOUR Fathers Denny Kenaston Youth 11-03-2008
Set 170: Profiles of Faith and Folly John D. Martin Christian Character 11-03-2008