Sermon Sets

Title Speaker Category Date
Set 167: Building the Christian Homeschool Misc. Speakers Homeschool 10-24-2008
Set 166: Christ in Early Anabaptism Denny Kenaston Historical Teaching 07-17-2008
Set 165: God’s Call Into the Kingdom Jerry Mawhorr Salvation 05-09-2008
Set 162: The Incomparable Christ Denny Kenaston Jesus Christ 02-04-2008
Set 163: The Value of the Church in the Believer’s Life Mose Stoltzfus The Church 02-04-2008
Set 160: The Pursuit of Godliness Denny Kenaston Christian Life 11-09-2007
Set 161: Always Rejoicing: Philippians John D. Martin Studies 11-09-2007
Set 159: The Two Kingdoms Dean Taylor Christian Life 11-08-2007
Set 158: Inner-City Children’s Ministry Seminar Denny Kenaston Ministry 10-26-2007
Set 150: Tests of True Faith: James Ross Ulrich Studies 11-07-2006
Set 151: Nonconformity to the World Dean Taylor, Patrick Waldner Practical Christian Living 11-07-2006
Set 152: Practical Outworkings of Faith Dale Gish, David Cooper Practical Christian Living 11-07-2006
Set 148: On to Perfection Mose Stoltzfus Sanctification 02-20-2006
Set 149: Paul the Apostle—a Vibrant Life Denny Kenaston Christian Life 02-20-2006
Set 147: The Divine Attributes of God Denny Kenaston Character Of God 01-02-2006
Set 144: Separated and Called Misc. Speakers Christian Life 11-07-2005
Set 146: David—A Man After God’s Own Heart Denny Kenaston Christian Character 11-07-2005
Set 141: Practical Teachings for Youth Misc. Speakers Youth 11-08-2004
Set 142: The Christian Life According to John Denny Kenaston Christian Life 11-08-2004
Set 143: The Glory of the Cross Mose Stoltzfus The Cross 11-08-2004