Exposing False Doctrines

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Title Speaker Category Date
The Truth and False of the Prosperity Gospel Luke Zimmerman 04-29-2012
Myths About Physical Healing Mose Stoltzfus 09-04-2011
Can a Christian Be a Muslim? David Cooper 07-31-2011
Standing Against Misunderstandings David Rubio 06-20-2010
Broken Clock Salvation Dean Taylor 11-03-2009
The Two Sides of Exclusiveness Rick Leibee 10-07-2007
Why I Don’t Believe in Unconditional Eternal Security David Cooper 08-27-2006
Compromise Mose Stoltzfus 08-10-2002
Freedom From Your Past Mose Stoltzfus 02-06-2002
Counseling Concepts Exposed Mose Stoltzfus 02-05-2002
Set 118: Inroads of Psychology Mose Stoltzfus 02-04-2002
Foundations Of Psychology Mose Stoltzfus 02-04-2002
Babylonish Influences On The Church Paul Shirk 09-20-2001
Witnessing Effectively To Catholics (Part 3) Rick Leibee 08-16-2001
Witnessing Effectively To Catholics (Part 2) Rick Leibee 08-02-2001
Witnessing Effectively To Catholics (Part 1) Rick Leibee 07-26-2001
Protection From the Power of Satan (Part 2) Keith Daniel 11-14-1999
Protection From the Power of Satan (Part 1) Keith Daniel 11-14-1999
False Prophesy, False Doctrines, And Apostasy Denny Kenaston 02-11-1998
End-Time Deception Mose Stoltzfus 05-08-1994
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