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While these messages will continue to be available as digital recordings here on our website, we want to reduce the amount of physical CDs we have in-stock. Ordering any of the sermons in the table below help to ensure these excess CDs are put to good use.

Title Speaker Category Date
Repentance is a Choice Emanuel Esh 05-28-2023
Glimpses of Majesty Daniel Rudolph 03-20-2022
Standing in Awe of Him Daniel Kenaston 02-13-2022
Motivations for Service Roman Kauffman 01-23-2022
Sacred or Secular? Jerry Mawhorr 11-17-2021
Baptism: the Mark of Identity for the Believer Mel Esh 05-23-2021
Believing in God’s Goodness When Life Doesn’t Feel Good Paul Lloyd 04-25-2021
Exiting My House of Defeat Tim Eshbach 03-14-2021
Life WITH God John Esh 01-27-2021
Set 204: Youth Bible School 2021 Various Speakers 01-17-2021
Strategic Church Elijah Lloyd 01-11-2021
Lessons From the Widow’s Oil That Multiplied Daniel Rudolph 11-01-2020
The Cross, Our Key to Victory Ross Ulrich 09-27-2020
Set Apart for the King Tim Eshbach 09-20-2020
How to Make It Through the Gathering Storm Paul Lloyd 09-13-2020
The High Privilege of Serving in the Lord’s House Paul Lloyd 08-09-2020
When the Righteous Are in Authority, the People Rejoice Tim Eshbach 05-24-2020
Doing the Father’s Will Abner Lambright 05-03-2020
No Longer A Victim Paul Lloyd 04-26-2020
Is There Life in the Graveyard? Tim Eshbach 04-12-2020
Our Tremendously Abundant God Mel Esh 03-29-2020
Marks of Authenticity John Nolt 01-12-2020
The Total Provision That Is in Jesus Christ Paul Lloyd 01-05-2020
Inspirations From Isaiah 58 (and a Fish Story) Emanuel Esh 12-29-2019
What Child is This? Tim Eshbach 12-22-2019
Jesus, the Focus of Our Faith Paul Lloyd 12-01-2019
Life at the Core Abner Lambright 11-24-2019
Foundations of Child Training Aaron Hurst 11-17-2019
The Just Shall Live by Faith Mel Esh 11-10-2019
Joy on Judgment Day (Part Three) Dwight Strubhar 10-27-2019
Keys of the Kingdom Abner Lambright 10-20-2019
But God Paul Lloyd 10-06-2019
The Biblical Topic of Loneliness Roy Daniel 09-15-2019
Grieve Not the Spirit Abner Lambright 08-25-2019
The Qualifications of a Deacon Aaron Hurst 08-04-2019
God’s Heart for the Church Today Emanuel Esh 07-28-2019
Take Captive or Be a Captive Paul Lloyd 07-21-2019
By That Which Every – Yea, Every – Joint Supplieth Mel Esh 07-14-2019
What Are You Known For? Jonathan Rudolph 07-07-2019
Captivated With His Purpose Tim Eshbach 06-23-2019
The God-like Beauty of a Mother’s Heart Paul Lloyd 05-12-2019
Communion Service Misc. Speakers 04-14-2019
The Precious Blood of Christ Paul Lloyd 04-14-2019
Holding Forth the Word of Life Raymond Burkholder 03-31-2019
1 Corinthians 11 Emanuel Esh 02-03-2019
Set 202: Charity Youth Bible School 2019 Various Speakers 01-19-2019
Wednesday Panel Discussion (Part 2) Misc. Speakers 01-16-2019
Wednesday Panel Discussion (Part 1) Misc. Speakers 01-16-2019
Reading and Applying Scripture Paul Lamicela 01-15-2019
Power to Become Abner Lambright 01-13-2019
Our High and Lofty Position in Our Lord Jesus Christ Mel Esh 01-06-2019
A Call to Remember Tim Eshbach 12-30-2018
Maintaining My Dependency Abner Lambright 12-02-2018
Three Reasons for Disobeying God Dru Lattin 11-18-2018
With Christ Tim Eshbach 11-11-2018
A Paradox of God’s Favorite People Jonathan Rudolph 11-04-2018
Does Jesus Care? Roy Daniel 10-14-2018
The Thunder of Brokenness Mel Esh 10-07-2018
He Is Here Dwight Strubhar 09-30-2018
Eternity in Context Tim Eshbach 09-23-2018
The Father Heart of God Aaron Hurst 06-17-2018
Set 200: Discipling the Nations Various Speakers 03-31-2018
God Has an Answer for My Situation Mel Esh 10-29-2017
Member Care of One Another Mel Esh 08-27-2017
The Beauty and Blessing of Fatherhood Paul Lloyd 06-18-2017
Set 199: Charity Youth Bible School 2017 Misc. Speakers 01-22-2017
Vessels of Honor Justin Kanagy 01-21-2017
A Resolution From Eden Daniel Esh 01-15-2017
His Name Is Jealous Tim Eshbach 08-14-2016
Recovering All Aaron Hurst 04-10-2016
The Godly Home Simplified Paul Lloyd 03-13-2016
Ye Are Christ’s Aaron Hurst 02-28-2016
Set 198: Missions Conference 2016 Various Speakers 02-11-2016
Purity in the Home Emanuel Esh 05-24-2015
Set 196: Charity Youth Conference 2015 Misc. Speakers 01-18-2015
Irresistible to God Paul Lloyd 01-13-2015
The Potter and the Clay Emanuel Esh 09-07-2014
Set 195: Religiosity & Spirituality Zac Poonen 07-29-2014
Set 194: Touching the Invisible Emanuel Esh 02-23-2014
Who Then Can Be Saved? Dale Charles 10-20-2013
A Teaching on the Head Covering (Part 1) Emanuel Esh 05-12-2013
Set 190: Mission’s Conference 2013 Various Speakers 02-07-2013
When the Gas Gauge Reads Empty Paul Lloyd 12-18-2011
Set 188: The Pathway to Blessing In the Relationships of Life Paul Lloyd 12-05-2011
Set 187: Directions for Youth Roman Kauffman 12-05-2011
Set 186: A Study of the Book of Revelation Jerry Mawhorr 10-03-2011
Set 183: Facing Reality Through Biblical Understanding Cornelius Janzen 11-03-2010
Financial Freedom (Part 1) Emanuel Esh 02-21-2010
Set 179: Prepare Ye the Way of the Lord Various Speakers 11-24-2009
Set 177: What Would Jesus Do? Dean Taylor 10-28-2009
Set 175: Evangelistic Messages Stanley Fox 07-04-2009
Set 169: The Faith of YOUR Fathers Denny Kenaston 11-03-2008
Set 168: The Life of Moses Mose Stoltzfus 11-03-2008
Set 166: Christ in Early Anabaptism Denny Kenaston 07-17-2008
The Garment of Praise for the Spirit of Heaviness Susie Strubhar 04-19-2008
The Art of Marriage John D. Martin 02-29-2008
Set 163: The Value of the Church in the Believer’s Life Mose Stoltzfus 02-04-2008
Set 162: The Incomparable Christ Denny Kenaston 02-04-2008
Set 160: The Pursuit of Godliness Denny Kenaston 11-09-2007
Set 159: The Two Kingdoms Dean Taylor 11-08-2007
Set 149: Paul the Apostle—a Vibrant Life Denny Kenaston 02-20-2006
Set 148: On to Perfection Mose Stoltzfus 02-20-2006
Set 144: Separated and Called Misc. Speakers 11-07-2005
Set 142: The Christian Life According to John Denny Kenaston 11-08-2004
Set 141: Practical Teachings for Youth Misc. Speakers 11-08-2004
Set 131: Setting a Standard for Life Paul Hershberger 11-03-2003
Set 129: Marriage & Divorce—a Biblical View Misc. Speakers 06-01-2003
A Godly Mother Is a Priceless Treasure Aaron Hurst 05-11-2003
Only One Life to Live Keith Daniel 09-26-2002
Lead a Soul to Christ Denny Kenaston 06-19-2002
The Father’s Love Denny Kenaston 03-17-2002
Shepherding Each Other Denny Kenaston 01-06-2002
Set 116: The Living Word Keith Daniel 01-01-2002
The Burden Of God Brings Brokenness Gerhard Du Toit 11-08-2001
Set 112: I Am a Disciple of Jesus Christ Denny Kenaston 11-05-2001
Set 114: God’s Plan of Salvation Denny Kenaston 10-15-2001
The Power Of A True Believer’s Baptism Mose Stoltzfus 09-02-2001
Set 102: The Call Of The New Covenant Zac Poonen 06-23-2000
Hospitality Emanuel Esh 05-07-2000
Set 101: Principles Of Spiritual Leadership Zac Poonen 02-07-2000
Set 95: The Jewel Of Humility Denny Kenaston 11-08-1999
Set 97: 1999 U.S. Preaching Tour Keith Daniel 11-01-1999
Protection From Backsliding Keith Daniel 10-24-1999
Set 3: The Godly Home Series II Denny Kenaston 08-15-1999
Set 93: The Fulfilled Christian Life Zac Poonen 07-16-1999
Set 82: True Godliness In the Last Days Denny Kenaston 02-09-1998
Set 81: Pitfalls of Christian Men Mose Stoltzfus 02-09-1998
Set 79: Principles Of Holy Living Keith Daniel 11-16-1997
Set 77: Steps to a Vital Reality With God Keith Daniel 11-14-1997
Practical Principles For A Godly Marriage Keith Daniel 11-13-1997
Raising Up Godly Seed Denny Kenaston 09-28-1997
The Permanency Of Marriage Mose Stoltzfus 09-21-1997
Set 75: A Call to Holiness Jerry Mawhorr 08-04-1997
Quiet Time Denny Kenaston 07-13-1997
The City Of The Blind Stanley Brubaker 11-10-1996
Mary & Martha Priorities / Order & Scheduling Myron Weaver 10-26-1996
Help For Your Besetting Sin Denny Kenaston 07-07-1996
How To Study The Bible Ross Ulrich 10-31-1994
Fallen From Grace Mose Stoltzfus 08-07-1994
Set 51: Home and Family Business Workshop Gregg Harris 01-01-1994
Assurance Of Salvation Denny Kenaston 08-01-1993
Fatherhood Denny Kenaston 06-20-1993
The Spirit Of Law And The Spirit Of Grace Denny Kenaston 05-16-1993
Rejoice With The Wife Of Thy Youth Denny Kenaston 03-22-1991
Set 31: Youth and the Fires of Devotion Denny Kenaston 03-04-1991
Set 14: The Centrality of Christ Misc. Speakers 01-27-1991
How To Study The Bible Denny Kenaston 10-06-1990
Set 23: Wisdom From the Lives of Great Men of the Past Misc. Speakers 12-04-1989
Love With Shoes On Darrell Champlin 10-19-1989
Set 7: Homeschool Gregg Harris 05-01-1989
Set 5: Role of Demons Dean Hochstetler 12-01-1988
Hope for Hurting Women Jackie Kenaston n/a
Ten Shekels And A Shirt Paris Reidhead n/a