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We occasionally have too many of certain CDs or sets in stock. By ordering from this page, you help us to put these excess CDs to good use. We would be happy to send these CDs and sets free of charge to anyone within the continental U.S.

Title Speaker Category Date
The High Privilege of Serving in the Lord’s House Paul Lloyd 08-09-2020
When the Righteous Are in Authority, the People Rejoice Tim Eshbach 05-24-2020
Inspirations From Isaiah 58 (and a Fish Story) Emanuel Esh 12-29-2019
Life at the Core Abner Lambright 11-24-2019
Joy on Judgment Day (Part Three) Dwight Strubhar 10-27-2019
But God Paul Lloyd 10-06-2019
Joy on Judgment Day (Part One) Dwight Strubhar 09-29-2019
The Qualifications of a Deacon Aaron Hurst 08-04-2019
By That Which Every – Yea, Every – Joint Supplieth Mel Esh 07-14-2019
What Are You Known For? Jonathan Rudolph 07-07-2019
Christian Idolatry? Abner Lambright 06-30-2019
Communion Service Misc. Speakers 04-14-2019
Holding Forth the Word of Life Raymond Burkholder 03-31-2019
Wednesday Panel Discussion (Part 2) Misc. Speakers 01-16-2019
With Christ Tim Eshbach 11-11-2018
Set 198: Missions Conference 2016 Various Speakers 02-11-2016
Set 196: Charity Youth Conference 2015 Misc. Speakers 01-18-2015
Financial Freedom (Part 1) Emanuel Esh 02-21-2010
Set 179: Prepare Ye the Way of the Lord Various Speakers 11-24-2009
Set 148: On to Perfection Mose Stoltzfus 02-20-2006
Set 144: Separated and Called Misc. Speakers 11-07-2005
Set 133: A Declaration of the Faith Denny Kenaston 02-09-2004
A Godly Mother Is a Priceless Treasure Aaron Hurst 05-11-2003
Set 93: The Fulfilled Christian Life Zac Poonen 07-16-1999
Mary & Martha Priorities / Order & Scheduling Myron Weaver 10-26-1996
Assurance Of Salvation Denny Kenaston 08-01-1993
The Spirit Of Law And The Spirit Of Grace Denny Kenaston 05-16-1993
Rejoice With The Wife Of Thy Youth Denny Kenaston 03-22-1991
Set 14: The Centrality of Christ Misc. Speakers 01-27-1991
Marks of the End-Time Church Denny Kenaston 03-27-1988